Pay Per View Gateway now has the ability to turn your backyard jam into a box office smash by utilizing our Pay per View Gateway. When utilizing the Musicianstream model we create your customized broadcast URL for example we provide your customized broadcasting page using your color schemes and logos. We have also created a 2 fold revenue share that allows you to generate money from your global channel through the PPV fees as well as the advertisers that pay to be on your broadcasting page! Here is how it works. After setting up your PPV broadcast network our social media department as well as you and the band or bands featured in the event begin the social media blast announcing the special event to viewers. The Musicianstream special event sales team then begins the promoting and selling of advertising space on your PPV channel and provides you a percentage of both the PPV viewer fees and the advertising fees, those percentages are based on the size and outreach of the event and each event has an online Musicianstream project manager to help customize your package and assist you from start to finish. When viewers go to your event page they are then prompted to enter payment method, once payment is approved according to the guidelines of your event they then go through a sign up process and create a user name and password allowing then to login to your event channel, the login expires based on the time frame for your event that you have established. Since events sizes vary there are no set prices for this feature and the cost of our customization pages also vary and in some instances can be taken out on the backend but a small deposit for upfront development costs will be required and all of our revenue share fees are done under a contract with the channel owner to prevent any concerns or issues. Remember when using your PPV channel there are guidelines to the content allowed which can be found at the terms and conditions link on the very front page of our site. Remember when you make money so do we so it is our intent to provide you with the best customer service and online marketing team available on the Internet, looks forward to being your special event provider. For more info please contact Thanks!

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